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Heart Coffee Roasters will form the foundation of the coffee program at Endorffeine, alongside an ever-changing, secondary guest roaster.



My ears are burning…

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Welcome to 9.  In addition to being a lucky number in Thai numerology, it is also the name of the intimate, dessert lounge experience for my nine guests.  As the son of Thai immigrants, I’m naturally influenced by the flavors and culture of Thailand.  The dessert courses at 9 will not only reflect my heritage, but my upbringing in the United States as well.  The three courses will be accompanied by a cocktail which is specifically crafted to complement the flavor profile of its corresponding edible component.  One cannot exist without the other; a proper 9 experience is not complete unless both the dish and the cocktail are consumed together.

If the concept of 9 sounds intriguing, please submit your email address, so that you can receive the most current dessert tasting menu.

See you soon,





My life’s course has always been to serve others .  Previously as a biochemist, I’ve helped to develop cancer-fighting pharmaceuticals for patients around the world.  As a pastry chef, I have produced deliciously elegant wedding cakes and desserts for hundreds of guests.

Now, I personally brew every drink at my coffee bar.  There are easier, faster methods to employ, but shortcuts result in a low quality product and a diminished experience for my guests.

Endorffeine is an amalgam of “endorphin” and “caffeine”…  Endorphins are produced by our bodies, and here, represent one half of the coffee culture equation – the self; your experience can only be as good as an open mind will allow.  The second half comes in the form of the caffeine molecule, which triggers an increase of dopamine in the brain, and leads to pleasurable feelings.

In the end, a soul-satisfying visit to Endorffeine is not complete unless my connection with you is as meaningful as my connection with the craft of coffee.

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